areas of expertise

Residential and Commercial Projects


We are  a full service construction company specializing in custom residential projects and commercial renovations. Our company was founded by Randy H. Cox and has served the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. With a strong emphasis on design, we are able to provide quality workmanship while keeping structural integrity and cost factors in check.

Art Installations For Homes and Commercial Projects


We work with home owners and commercial property owners and their selected artist on the installation of artistic designs to provide a unique and beautiful picture within or on the outside of their property.  The artist and owner develop the design, with them to make the design come alive.    

EV Charging Station Installations


We are also a full service electrical company that is dependable, professional and responsive to the specific needs and location for service of your car charging station. Our technical expertise, experience and knowledge in installing charging stations that support plug-in electric vehicles is supported by over 8 years of installation experience.